TallyPad is a feature-rich fully-customizable tally counter for the iPad and iPhone. Just tap or swipe your finger in one of the designated tally area boxes to add to or subtract from the corresponding tally count. 

AppAdvice.com describes TallyPad as the “essential [counting app] for those dealing with multiple tallies and have power user needs.”

TallyPad is great for just about any counting project:

  • Scorekeeping (especially board games like Scrabble)
  • Surveys
  • Tracking calories or diet points
  • Counting money and loose change
  • School projects
  • Household Projects
  • Voting and Informal elections

Supports AirPlay Mirroring with AppleTV and AV Out to an externmal monitor. You can now view your tallies on a TV or external monitor in full HD.

What makes TallyPad different from all other counting applications is that you can assign customizable values to three different finger gestures. For example, you can set TallyPad to add 1 to the tally count for a single finger tap, 5 for a vertical swipe and 10 for a horizontal swipe. You get to choose the values. Also, you are not limited to whole numbers: Just switch TallyPad to decimal or money mode to add decimal values. 

You can assign a multiplier to each counting area. The multipliers are applied to each counting area independent of the values assigned to finger gestures. 

TallyPad implements AV Out and AirPlay Mirroring with AppleTV. You can display your tallies on an external screen! This is great for keeping score at sporting events, family game night, or displaying items on a television in the classroom. 

Because TallyPad saves all your custom-named tallies, you can keep track of a virtually unlimited number of tallies and come back to them later. You can also assign names to the three tally categories in each tally project. Also, the TallyPad user interface was designed to allow you to add tallies by tapping and swiping without having to look down at the device. This way you can keep your eyes on what you are counting—not on the iPhone or iPad. 

And, by popular request, version 4.0 adds more tally areas. The iPad now supports 8 tally areas. And, if you have the iPhone 5, and additional (5th) tally area has been added. Also, landscape orientation support for the iPad is back. The user interface has been redesigned for ease of use. Finally, the TV Out and AirPlay interface has been updated.

TallyPad is available on the App Store.