Workdays for the iPhone is the essential date calculator for any working  professional.  Workdays allows you to quickly calculate the number of workdays, business days or calendar days (or a combination of the three) before or after a given date. It is simple to use and allows you to calculate multiple dates on a single screen.

For example, if you are preparing a proposal that must be submitted 20 business days prior to July 15 and you want to figure out what day the proposal is actually due, you can use Workdays to quickly find the answer: Simply enter July 15 as the start date, and enter 20 workdays into the field.  You can also enable the “Use Federal Holidays” switch to treat July 4 (Independence Day) and a holiday and exclude it from the calculation.  

Because the observance of legal holidays varies from place to place, you can also enter your own “Custom Holidays,” such as the day after Christmas, and Workdays will treat the custom date as a holiday.  Dates can also be calculated in sequence (e.g. 30 calendar days from A, 10 workdays from B, and 5 calendar days from C.) 

Workdays for iPhone provides a quick and efficient way to calculate business days and deadlines without having to count by hand on a paper calendar.

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