Coming Soon: Court Days Pro for the iPhone and iPad

LawOnMyPhone has submitted its latest iPhone and iPad app for lawyers to Apple for approval. It is the first rules-based legal calendaring app and date calculator for mobile devices.

Check out this page for a sneak peak at the app, scheduled for release in a couple of weeks.

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I am a homicide investigator and was sitting in court yesterday waiting for my hearing. The judge took a plea from a defendant, then asked for how many days credit he had in jail. The DA and defense attorney stumbled with the calculations, as well as the clerk and judge. I wondered how many times i heard the attorneys stumble over this the past 30 years. I think if you came up with an app that you can program in date arrested and days credited (needs to be a variable as every county will be different) and either today's date or date defendant was released, to equal jail days credit, you will sell hundreds! Plus, many of the attorneys go between jurisdictions, so it would be nice if you could save the info for (example) LA County and Orange and Riverside Counties. This would not be much different than your court app, but I would sell it as a separate app. Let me know what you think!

December 1, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterElizabeth Smith

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