A Major Update To TallyPad Is About To Be Released

I am excited to announce that a major update to the TallyPad app for the iPhone and iPad has been submitted to Apple for approval and should be available for download within the next 10 days.

Every day, thousands of people in over 70 countries use TallyPad to count things. I receive many emails from users describing the creative ways they are using TallyPad in their jobs and daily routines. TallyPad is used by school teachers, scientists, bus drivers, engineers, governments, children, gamers, and many others. I also receive emails suggesting features that would make TallyPad even more useful to them. By far, the most requested feature is the addition of more tally areas.

Well, in response to popular demand, I have completely rewritten and redesigned TallyPad to include more tally areas: four more on the iPad, and one additional tally area on the iPhone 5. I have also redesigned the external screen scoreboard to accomodate the additional tally areas. This redesign also opened up opportunities to add many new features to the app, including leading score indicators, and team scoring on the iPad.

I hope my users enjoy the new features and please email me with you suggestions and comments. You can check out some screenshots below.


Reader Comments (2)

Can I export the results of my tally to dropbox, email, CSV format, message, etc..? If not can you please add that feature? That is really crucial for those tat are looking to share the results of what they are tracking.

Thank you very much for your help.

June 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTrios

Just a question (no need to actually post on your blog): any plans for incorporating URL Schemes into TallyPad, e.g. tallypad://tallies=Money%20in%20My%20Piggy%20Bank;nickels=+2 or tallypad://tallies=Money%20in%20My%20Piggy%20Bank;Dimes=-1 or tallypad://tallies=Money%20in%20My%20Piggy%20Bank;Pennies=12? Apps like Drafts and Launch Center Pro would fires these events off upon request.

Thank you for your consideration in this request.


June 30, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCraig Prichard

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