Count Just About Anything with TallyPad--The Ultimate Customizable Tally Machine for the iPad

LawOnMyPhone typically focuses on the use of mobile technology--principally the iPhone and iPad--in the practice of law. As such, my application reviews typically address legal software or applications that assist lawyers in their practices. But, today I am making an exception to that rule to bring your attention to TallyPad for the iPad. Why? Well...because I wrote it. So this is not a product review, but, rather, a promotion of my newest iPad application.

TallyPad is a feature-rich fully-customizable tally counter for the iPad. Just tap or swipe your finger in one of the three designated boxes to add or subtract from the corresponding tally count. 

TallyPad is great for just about any counting project:

  • Surveys
  • Scorekeeping
  • Counting money and loose change
  • School projects
  • Household Projects
  • Informal elections

What makes TallyPad different from all other counting applications is that you can assign customizable values to four different finger gestures. For example, you can set TallyPad to add 1 to the tally count for a single finger tap, 2 for a two finger tap, 5 for a vertical swipe and 10 for a horizontal swipe. You get to chose the values. Also, you are not limited to whole numbers: Just switch TallyPad to decimal or money mode to add decimal values.

Because TallyPad saves all your custom-named tallies, you can keep track of a virtually unlimited number of tallies and come back to them later. You can also assign names to the three tally categories in each tally project. Also, the TallyPad user interface was designed to allow you to add tallies by tapping and swiping without having to look down at the iPad. This way you can keep your eyes on what you are counting--not on the iPad.

TallyPad is now available on the App Store for just $0.99. I have also posted a few more screenshots here.

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